Dr Abdelwahid MELLOUKI
CNRS Senior Research Scientist
+33 6 20 18 01 74
1C, Avenue de la recherche scientifique
CS 50060
45071 Orleans cedex 02 – France

My research over the years has focused on many aspects of atmospheric chemistry related to air quality and climate change, including the studies of the atmospheric oxidation mechanisms of anthropogenic and biogenic carbon‐containing species and halogen chemistry.

At present, my group’s research encompasses gas phase atmospheric chemistry, secondary organic aerosols formation, field studies and long-term atmospheric observations.


Head of the Atmospheric Reactivity Theme at ICARE-CNRS (Orleans-France)

Research Habilitation (HDR)
University of Orleans, France1998
Research associate at the Aeronomy Laboratory (Chemical Science Division)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Boulder/Colorado, USA1990-1992
PhD Thesis / Atmospheric Chemistry
University Paris 7, France1985‐1989

Our Team is part of the LABEX VOLTAIRE

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At University of Orleans (France), Fudan University – Shanghai (China), Shandong University – Jinan/Qingdao (China)


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