The IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 instrument is an ultra-sensitive detector for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that allows for  continuous VOC quantification with a very high mass resolution.Quantitative analysis of the whole mass range within a split-second with a resolution that even allows separation of isobaric compounds are remarkable features of the IONICON PTR-TOFMS technology.
Direct injection of sample gases without preparation contributes to the speed and simplicity that is common to all our instruments.

Chemical Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

  • Selective detection based on the employed reagent ion chemistry. Adaptable for a multitude of reagent ions, including: NO+, O2+ or Kr+
  • Custom post-processing software with functionality for high-resolution peak fitting, identification of unknowns, and quantitative analysis of specific ions or classes of ions across long timescales.
  • Applicable for laboratory or field measurements. Compact shipping container for easy transport.

IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 Specifications

  • Mass range:1-50000 amu
  • Resolution > 4000 m/dm (FWHM)
  • Response time: 100 ms
  • Sensitivity :
  • Benzene: 20-40 cps/ppbv
  • Trichlorobenzene: 40-80 cps/ppbv
  • Detection limit : Benzene
  • 10 pptv average over 1 min
  • 100 pptv average over 1 sec
  • Linearity range : 10 pptv – 5 ppmv
  • Pulse frequency : up to 80 kHz
  • Adjustyable flow: 50-1000 sccm
  • Inlet system :
  • 1.2 m long inlet hose – with internal inert (PEEK) capillary
  • Inlet system heating (up to 180 °C)
  • Reaction chamber heating : 40 – 130°C
  • Option SRI : Switchable Reactant Ion